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"Reach for my hand, I'll soar away. Into the dawn. Oh, I wish I could stay. Here in cherished halls, in peaceful days. I fear the edge of dawn. Knowing time betrays. Faint lights pass through colored glass. In this beloved place. Silver shines, the world dines. A smile on each face. As joy surrounds, comfort abounds and I can feel I'm breaking free. For just this moment lost in time. I am finally me. Yet still I hide. Behind this mask that I have become. My blackened heart. Scorched by flames, a force I can't run from. I look to you. Like a red rose. Seeking the sun. No matter where it goes. I long to stay, where the light dwells. To guard against the cold. That I know so well." - The Edge of Dawn (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)


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